Ms. Agrawal Securities Pvt. Ltd. (the Company) is associated with Nepal Stock Exchange Ltd. (NEPSE) and Securities Board of Nepal (SEBON) as a leading Broker Firm from the day of commencement of open cry system of stock trading in Nepal. NEPSE and SEBON had given license to CA. Jagdish Agrawal, personally, for operating broker firm in 2050 BS. Later on due to amendments in regulations, CA. Agrawal had transferred the license to the Company, but remained in the capacity of Chairman and Managing Director of the Company for many years.

From the very beginning, the Company has formatted and implemented various by-laws to ensure smooth functioning of the trading operations. The Company has five established and well disciplined wings, the trading wing, the accounts and record keeping wing, the research wing, D-MAT wings and the marketing wing. All the wings operate in coordination of each other.

The research wing collects and analyzes the market data for information purpose.

The established motto of the Company is ‘service for value added’. And its objective is to provide quick and satisfactory services to its clients.

The Company has a long list of its permanent and satisfied clients. That is why; the Company is able to retain its clients for a long period and in addition each year new clients are being added in the list.

The Company has been maintaining cordial relations with staffs. We are pleasedto declare that the employee turnover is negligible in the Company.